Quotes I was coming for a holiday trip to Malaysia.On the second day I suffered from a disc hernia.Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong's prompt and professional action, I was even able to go to Redang Island 3 days after the operation.I very much appreciated the way Dr Eugene Wong had adviced me before and after the operation. Thank you very much. Quotes
G Marco
Germany, Netherlands

Quotes Jestine and I returned in December to help care for Jacob and my 83-year old mum. Jacob is now nearly bed ridden, and my mum had fallen and badly fractured her left humerus and the top round-shaped bone dislocating her shoulder from the socket of her left hand. We began seeing some amazing, sovereign and intimately loving ways of God unfold. My mum's orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Eugene Wong, turned out to be a caring Christian man who said it was a miracle that she was relatively pain-free for 2 weeks until surgery and has been amazed at the rapid healing and recovery that has taken place thus far. From a bag of broken bones (Dr Wong's description), it has become an encasement of metal pieces as she had to have 5 screws in her socket and another 7 in the humerus to hold the metal plate in place. We are all deeply touched by the love of the Bangsar church family who has helped us in so many ways. Thank you for being Jesus to us in our time of need. Quotes
Mary Marshall daughter of M Thomas

Quotes Before I had constant pain at my back (Below my waist). This made it difficult for me to walk as it caused constant cramps in my left leg.I couldn't sit and stand for long as well. After my operation with Dr Eugene Wong, I have been much better. I can sit, stand and walk better than before.Muscle cramps on my left leg is gone and I feel much better than before. Many Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong who is now my very good friend. Quotes
BM Julius

Quotes After a month of pain and suffering, I was instantly cured of all pain. A miracle I never expected. Amazing! Dr Eugene Wong is God sent with miracle hands. I can now walk as usual and am back to normal with my daily activities. Thank you for giving me my life back. The happiest patient , Vijayan. Quotes
V Paramu
Penang, Malaysia

Quotes We came to Dr Eugene through the A&E Department. My daughter had pins in her elbow. We felt very lucky to be treated by Dr Eugene that very night. It is so important for parents to feel able to ask questions to doctors to allay their fears and that is exactly what I was able to do with Dr Eugene. Follow up was excellent and I felt my concerns were dealt with. Thank you very much. Quotes
KM Desouza
UK , Satisfied mum

Quotes Dr Eugene was very quick at diagnosing my injury and suggested that I underwent Tightrope surgery as the best treatment for my separated shoulder. I was quickly booked in for the operation and was happy with my quick early recovery. Overall Dr Eugene Wong was very professional,knowledgeable and friendly. Quotes
A. Knowles

Quotes Dr. Eugene, Thanks for the care and concern shown while my mum was admitted for the wound/injury on her left foot. The advice and procedure done was very professional. Your understanding of our financial situation is also very much appreciated. But most of all I would like to recommend others to you if they need a caring doctor. Quotes
Lee Sow Ying

Quotes "Tutto e' iniziato in modo inusuale, grazie a un contatto su Facebook. Ho conosciuto Serena, italiana che lavora a Kuala Lumpur e che nei discorsi online, aveva i miei stessi problemi di schiena. Ci siamo ricontattati dopo alcuni giorni e Serena mi racconta che e' stata sottoposta ad un'intervento di EPIDUSCOPIA presso una clinica privata a KL e che adesso sembra rinata. Niente piu' dolori nella zona L4-L5 che la costringeva a non fare certi movimenti . La mia stessa condizione, accertata in italia da una risonanza magnetica nucleare ( RMN ). Quindi mi faccio lasciare l'indirizzo email e telefonico del medico chirurgo che l'ha operata. Nel frattempo parto per la Thailandia come di consueto e prendo contatto con il Dott. Eugene Wong. Dopo i vari scambi di email, mi viene prenotata una camera presso la di KL e finalmente conosco il Dott. Eugene che mi spiega in modo dettagliato in cosa consisterĂ  l'intervento. Potevo assistere su un monitor tutte l Quotes
F Maresca

Quotes My shoulder has significantly improved. I am happy Thank you Quotes
P Koerner

Quotes Thank you for providing a professional service in diagnosing my shoulder problem.Wait times were always short and explanation simple and precise. Quotes
Z Ekazhev
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