To provide safe and high quality non-operative and operative care of spinal disorders in a caring friendly environment.

Our commitment 
We will treat you with respect and empower you, inform and educate you on your condition and treatment and ensure that all treatment decisions are taken in consultation with you and your family.

We will continuously update our knowledge and skills and evaluate our results to provide high quality health care in accordance with current concepts.

Our core values

Integrity: We are partners in your well being; all clinical decisions are made in your best interests and are backed by our commitment to excellence and your health.

Quality: We provide safe and high quality spinal care in a timely manner, to achieve the desired clinical results.

Team work: We recognize the contributions of our multidisciplinary clinical team and consider their diverse talents our greatest assets. We provide a stimulating and satisfying working environment to attract the best talent and that is how our teams work together to achieve our mission and goals.

Education: We are committed to providing educational services to our patients, allied health professionals and colleagues in the medical profession.

Research: We provide a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity to develop innovative technologies and practices. Our research aims at enhancing the quality and provision of spinal care for a full spectrum of spinal conditions.



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  • "I was coming for a holiday trip to Malaysia.On the second day I suffered from a disc hernia.Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong's prompt and professional action, I was even able to go to R..."
    G Marco
    Germany, Netherlands
  • "Jestine and I returned in December to help care for Jacob and my 83-year old mum. Jacob is now nearly bed ridden, and my mum had fallen and badly fractured her left humerus an..."
    Mary Marshall daughter of M Thomas
  • "Before I had constant pain at my back (Below my waist). This made it difficult for me to walk as it caused constant cramps in my left leg.I couldn't sit and stand for long as we..."
    BM Julius

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